Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Good Gods...

So...I agreed to do something for a friend that I kind of regret, and yet at the same time I feel incredibly accomplished now that I've finished. Early this year I agreed to knit a friend a scarf for a costume she wanted to do in the summer for the convention we go to. Sadly, I wasn't able to finish in time for the convention so I told her it would be done for Christmas.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I went to visit family in Alabama, and, since we drive up there every year, I had plenty of time to finish the scarf. At 121 inches long, this monstrosity is something I despise and love all at the same time. I don't look forward to knitting with this color any time soon though.

This is the character that the friend wants to cosplay as:

This is Russia from the series Axis Powers Hetalia.

This is the scarf:

And this is an action shot to show just how long it is on me:

It took me months to finish this thing, it's not perfect but at this point that matters very little to me. It wraps around my neck once and the tails fall to the backs of my knees, that's all that counts. It's finished! Yay!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


So I finally sat down and did something somewhat crafty, in this case, hemp jewelry. I bought some new hemp the other day and wanted to make some thing with it and my mother and sister had requested anklets. After getting the colors and beads they wanted picked out I got to work. The two anklets only took me about an hour each to do and the choker I made for myself took me two tries and two hours per try.

The mother's anklet was made out of purple hemp with light purple and white pearlized pony beads:

The sister's anklet was made out of undyed hemp with a rainbow selection of pearlized pony beads reminiscent of Lisa Frank:

My choker was made out of crimson and dusky blue dyed hemp with a copper rose charm and the center piece:

A close up of the rose:

And finally all three together: