Monday, October 3, 2011

Not Quite...

I promised pictures of some of the ornaments I've been working on and here they are!

The top pieces are the fronts and the bottoms are the backs. They have embroidery on the holly leaves and the words 'Hugs' and 'Kisses', and they have fabric paint along the white "icing" lines, on the little green dots, and also on the holly berries.

I've only finished these two (they aren't really finished, I still need to sew them up and stuff them) out of the thirty-two that came on the fabric, needless to say I have a way to go until I'm finished. So I don't think that I've started too early, not at all. In fact I'll be surprised if I can manage to finish them all before Christmas time...especially since I have to make another set as a gift for a couple of friends. XD

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