Sunday, June 17, 2012

Craftster Swap #6 Penpal Swap Round 4

Miss Barbara was my partner for this swap and she looooooves ladybugs. So I made a few items that featured a ladybug theme. I made a mugrug, a felt box, a feathered headband, and a lavender filled ladybug plushie.

The headband was actually the easiest thing to make. I bought a plain headband from JoAnn's as well as a strip with pheasant feathers and a larger oval shaped piece with pheasant feathers that had a small silver ornament. I hot glued both pieces to the headband.

The mug rug was the most difficult piece to make since it involved quilting and I've never done that before.The large ladybug is actually a pocket that you can put a spoon, a tea packet, or a packet of sugar in.

The box is made out of stiffened felt that was cut and glued into shape. Then, in keeping with the ladybug theme, I cut out a ladybug and glued it to the top.

The plushie ladybug was another easy one to make. Of course, that was only after I figured out how to get the top to do right. I didn't want it to be a flat ladybug, I wanted the red part to form a slight dome. I was so happy when it finally worked out. Once it was stuffed I added the lavender to it, so it smells fantastic!

And, of course, here's the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

I also sent socks, postcards, stickers, and some extra lavender along with everything that I made.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Craftster Swap #4 Jar of Hearts Swap

I only have pictures for two of the partners that I had from this swap. I actually forgot to take pictures of the hearts before I sent them out and only the two of my four partners posted pictures. No big loss since the other hearts that I made are along the same line, just in different colors.
My partner Ransom liked floral themes and the color red so I made these:

One plastic canvas heart that I made using red yarn, and then two cloth hearts made out of some floral patterned cotton that I had laying around.

My partner honeyd liked rainbows and cute things so I threw these together:

I knitted one using an interesting black rainbow boucle yarn that my sister picked out. The cotton heart was made out of the cutest Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch) fabric that I bought on Etsy. The plastic canvas heart I used my favorite rainbow yarn on and I like that one the best.

It was a cute swap, I found out that it's really hard to sew a perfect heart, and I can't wait for Round 2!

Craftster Swap #3 Sailor Moon Swap

I almost forgot to take pictures before I sent this package out. I remembered when I got to the post office and whipped out my phone before I could mail out the box.

So, I made four things for HappieHina. When we were exchanging messages before we started crafting she told me that she liked the black moon sisters, more specifically Catsy (Kōan), and she liked the cat family (Artemis, Luna, and Diana). She also mentioned that she had a small I came up with these!
First off, here's a reference picture for Catsy:

I like Catsy as well, but with a small child around I figured whatever I made would have to be safe. The plushie I made has no removable parts like buttons or gems (which is why Catsy-plushie is missing the gem on her forhead) and the facial features are painted on.

I like how she turned out. The main body is made out of pink and flesh-tone flannel, the pinstripes on the pink fabric were sewn on before the pieces were cut out for the doll, and the tutu and arm poofs are purple tulle...I hate tulle. But! I managed to sew the tulle down well enough that I don't think it'll ever come off. =D

The next thing that I thought of was a set of string dolls. String dolls aren't hard to make, just time consuming. I actually got the tutorial from here.
Here's a reference picture for the family in the manga:

Here's the group picture.

Then the single shots. From left to right; Artemis, Diana, and Luna.

All in all, I had a really fun time making these...and I just love anything Sailor Moon related!

Craftster Swap #5 Unicorn Swap

I only made two things for this swap, one small and one large item. The large is my favorite though. The small item is a plastic canvas unicorn keyring. Beside it you can see the graphed pattern that I made before I started it.

The large item is a piece of wood with nails mounted on it and string threaded through the open spaces and around the nails themselves. The string forms a picture of a unicorn.

Before I could go hammering the nails into the wood I had to have an idea of what I was doing first. So, I took a piece of paper and drew a unicorn's head and taped it to the board when the blue paint was done drying. I used the outline on the paper as my guide and, when all of the nails were in, I simply ripped the piece of paper off. (Sorry for the stray threads, those were cut off when the glue dried.)

Craft List 01

A work in progress...

It's been so long since I posted anything on here. I have been working on projects, I just haven't had the time to post them...

However, I'm going to try to start posting at least once a week, even if it's only progress posts. And I'm also going to start posting on Craftster.The best part is that I'm going to be working on new crafts! I've got a lot to do and, for once, plenty of time to do it in! I'll start it all off tomorrow with a list of projects that I'm going to start, or have already started, working on. =D