Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Craftster Swap #4 Jar of Hearts Swap

I only have pictures for two of the partners that I had from this swap. I actually forgot to take pictures of the hearts before I sent them out and only the two of my four partners posted pictures. No big loss since the other hearts that I made are along the same line, just in different colors.
My partner Ransom liked floral themes and the color red so I made these:

One plastic canvas heart that I made using red yarn, and then two cloth hearts made out of some floral patterned cotton that I had laying around.

My partner honeyd liked rainbows and cute things so I threw these together:

I knitted one using an interesting black rainbow boucle yarn that my sister picked out. The cotton heart was made out of the cutest Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch) fabric that I bought on Etsy. The plastic canvas heart I used my favorite rainbow yarn on and I like that one the best.

It was a cute swap, I found out that it's really hard to sew a perfect heart, and I can't wait for Round 2!

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