Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Craftster Swap #5 Unicorn Swap

I only made two things for this swap, one small and one large item. The large is my favorite though. The small item is a plastic canvas unicorn keyring. Beside it you can see the graphed pattern that I made before I started it.

The large item is a piece of wood with nails mounted on it and string threaded through the open spaces and around the nails themselves. The string forms a picture of a unicorn.

Before I could go hammering the nails into the wood I had to have an idea of what I was doing first. So, I took a piece of paper and drew a unicorn's head and taped it to the board when the blue paint was done drying. I used the outline on the paper as my guide and, when all of the nails were in, I simply ripped the piece of paper off. (Sorry for the stray threads, those were cut off when the glue dried.)

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