Thursday, August 2, 2012

Craftster Swap #7 Felt Badge Swap Round 2

For this swap I had two partners, one in Germany and one in Tennessee. The partner I had in Germany listed 'Japanese-cute' as one of her likes. The partner I had in Tennessee listed 'Dr. Who' as one of hers. The first thing that popped into my head for both of them was 'OMG, I don't know what to dooooooo! T_T'. Then I smacked myself and started doodling ideas.

For my partner in Germany I thought of Kokeshi dolls. They're Japanese, and I found this super cute photo at Charuca's Photostream on flickr. I fell in love and had to make similar kokeshi dolls for my partner! This is how they turned out:

I think my favorite of the two of them is the one with the pink hair. She's just so happy it's contagious! =D

For my Dr. Who loving partner in Tennessee I figured that I had to make her a Tardis. No Dr. Who fan should be without their own Tardis...or so my sister says. I still haven't seen the show myself, but I've heard it's really good. The second one was a little harder to figure out. When I first started making these I was in Alabama with no internet access and so I had no way of looking up reference pictures. I finally ended up using my sister's new DW decal she had on her computer. The DW also has a fez and a bow tie to represent my partner's favorite Doctor.

Usually when I finish something like this I find something wrong. This swap is the first time I've ever had to really force myself to send the packages...I kept putting it off so that I could stare at the badges a little longer! XD Thankfully I stocked up on felt for this swap, now I have plenty of supplies to work with!

My partner in Germany finally received her package so I can post now! Yay! =D

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