Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still alive and crafting!

I have actually been working! I have pictures to prove it too. I'm slowly, very slowly, working on my craft list. Right now I'm working on the leather wrap bracelet. My first try came out okay. It doesn't look bad, but it definitely needs work. So I'm in the middle of making a second one.
My first try.

See how the button at the end isn't secured very well? That's the part I'm trying to fix on the second one.

The second one so far.

This one should wrap around my wrist three times instead of two like the first one. I'm still proud of the first, it turned out okay, I just want it to turn out great!

Another thing I'm in the process of making is something that's not on my list, but is super cute. During the Felt Badge Swap, I fell in love with making badges! I started making one as a test for the One Tiny Zombie Thing Swap and it started to take on a life of its own. When I started to put it together it turned into Zombie!Ceda.
Ceda is...I guess you could say, my online persona. It's the name I use for most sites I join, Craftster being one of them. This is what Ceda usually looks like.

And this is Zombie!Ceda

I still have a bit of work to do on her but, so far, so good!

I'll have both the bracelet and my zombie posted again as soon as they're finished! It won't be much longer, I promise!

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